thank you

A few weeks ago, I devised to resort to something that would end my short term goals, and that would probably cost me months or even a year. But came the intervention. However all the available means that I used to obtain that purpose, having been put a strenuous effort thinking it was the silver bullet that would yield the profitable miraculous result. Nonetheless, nothing worked out. Not even an inch was move.
Sometimes, our frustration and anxiety overwhelmed us and at such point, our contempt, powered by all this worldly materials and possessions, against the uncontrollable, most powerful, mighty, all-knowing and all-seeing God seems unquestionably true despite knowing the fact that there is something way more than anything of all this high-end technology and sciences advancement and its amazement it induces – God.
Our God lives. Dead on. And I am thankful for His faithfulness regardless of all this sinful nature. His intervention saved me from taking that risk of costing me rather heavily.
His plans are beyond the imagination of definite beings. He counsels and cheers and gives hope in any form to tell us that we are worth taking Him seriously because His purpose is faultless and His promises are abiding.
Thank you, Lord God.


Pain where is your gain?

You cause an ache 

And you let him know why. 

You make him back-flip;

If it is for a good reason.

And he heads-off blinded with uncertainty. 

At times, you are the mirror,

Letting him to chasten the smut.

Making him wholesome again,

But leaving the mark forever.

Yet, his wariness is slackened by worldliness.

You are the constant visitor 

But what gain do you want?

He doesn’t have even a cent 

To barter for what you brought,

Your generosity he takes in anguish to heart.

Yet, you’re the reminder to him.

To caution his ways of life.

For the fruitfulness in his brevity:

To sweat, to gain and to reach out 

And to extol the Provider for all his loving-kindness. 

Cement powder dirt

Most of us would not want to be in an unclean environment. Don’t you think, even animals want to be in a clean space, unless it is a pig. 

Yesterday, that was Sunday. I moved out from my room to buy some snacks. I walked downstairs and found out that our second and first floor stairs and ground floor were dirtied with cement powder. Even the road and some parts of drainage were sparingly dirtied with sand and gravel.

My house building owner’s relatives family house is under construction next door and they did the concrete filling and pouring on Sunday for the first floor. For the purpose, the workers used our ground floor space as a store room for cement and their implements. They started the work a month ago. Despite little discomfort it was adjustable. Ground floor was walkable. 

At 18 pm I told one of the workers not to forget to clean up the mess they’ve made in our building. Straight away, I went to get my hair cut. After 40 minutes or so, nothing was done. Again I told them the same thing. After half an hour later, the dirt remained unchanged. And again I told one of the men to tell workers to clean up. He said cement powder made the floor a mess. Nothing happened. I called up my house owner and told him about it. He said he will come. After informing him, I went to withdraw money. Coming back with a tray of eggs and tomatoes. Things remained the same. I was little feeling low. 

Again, I have to walk upstairs to my room treading in a trace of cement powder feeling uneasy. And then I was about to start preparing for my dinner. It was 20:58 then. I happened to look down and saw one worker washing his hands in our basin. I shouted down from third floor – “hey, bhaiya, clean the mess up, it’s not comfortable treading with it.” He didn’t answer, rather he left quickly. 

Before I saw a woman relative sweeping the road, cleaning up the sand and gravel. Though she saw the cement dirt on a tiled floor and stairs. She never dared to clean it up.

It was all telling myself to bear the brunt of this dirt and clean them up all by myself. It was like asking the dead stone to move himself and ended up myself moving it. 

My impulse to clean a trace of the cement powder was greater than to prepare dinner. I changed my shirt and walked downstairs, grasped the bucket, the mug and the mop. Started cleaning from the second floor. 

You know. Long exposure to cement powder can cause some health effects such as lung damage, skin rashes and eye irritation and even more serious. While I was cleaning, house owner came. I said, “Tarun, I told workers to clean up this dirt three or four times. But never did they do so.”

“They are careless people,” he said. 

“If I may,” he continued. 

“I’m finishing,” I said. 

I ended up spending more than 20 minutes.


I didn’t clean everything up as such but to a considerable amount, walkable.

Well. You may be wondering why I insist on them to clean the mess they’ve created. You see. These people have an unhygienic habit, especially the youth. They won’t clean their rented room and never would so for balcony and stairs. Cleaning once in a blue moon can be their excuse. I have some friends of this type here in the same building. When people don’t have such basic things, their social responsibility is way too far to reckon. 
After all this is my rented building, I have my part to clean, to look after.

I’m not a clean freak but here I’m at least expecting my fellow beings to have some social sensitiveness and response to the feelings of others for goodness sake of all. 

I Rise

I fell into a pit

And I saw the murky darkness.

My mind confused,

Seemed nobody understood.

Helplessness took me nowhere.

The heavy load I carry 

Seems like see the burden 

Of these people, it needs to be solved.

They are in need more than.

The story of Hosea reminded.

The inner voice cried – stop wallowing 

Hold! Take your time,

Tomorrow maybe not yours,

The achievements have no yesterday,

Live the best at the moment.

Then I rise, hold my ground; 

I could see the ways of opportunity,

I could forget my emptiness, 

I could fulfill this life invitation. 

Now I rise, I rise to be known.

                           – ArablelandSee 

Why’d you shed tears?

Educational future concept Free Vector

Oh, poor little heart,

Why are you hardening?

They’re gone for good.

Don’t be troubled by forecast;

Hold your ground lest it profligate

Of life gives flow more than required.

Pursue the cause and faint not.

Shed tears on the way

It gives pulses to life.

Lows and highs are inseparable;

Down not by either to bury

The faculty it can grow.

Wailing can’t be on the man

Of today, he knows what it is;

Excellence is his pursuit

His priority is his pleasure

For tomorrow is way long

Tears of remorse won’t be his.

Bumble not! Hustle all along the way,

Hold yours’ fractious, it yields nothing.

Established your ways and find the gem

Then you’re unrivalled in your world

That’s what a man strives for;

For tomorrow is the crack of ebullience.

– ArableLandSee

The reason I don’t understand – the blank stare

Last August I moved to Northwest Delhi. Everything is fine. And the environment is great with constant breathing of air with AQC of never coming near to moderate. Exposed naked to be covered by CO, SO2, NO2, PM2.5 & PM10. 

Here, there is one exception which I feel is queer. “The stare”. These people, I’m not running them down, staring is something, I assumed, they think is a normal one. The blank stare, they make often. Our eyes’ purpose is to do these functions – to gaze, to see, to watch, to look, etc. It has a power. Y’all know, in anything getting overboard is not really a good one. 

So, here is the never lessening experience story of which I think is worth sharing to know and to infer and to share.

Women folks are better, they’re modest and know the limit. But men, what can I say.  

Here, not all, but some young, old, women and men alike, their staring is something I don’t understand. Last year, I accepted their reactions because I was new, even strange to some. But even now… That Unalloyed habit…

Sometimes, we stare at others for no respective reason. That’s okay. But making others uncomfortable is unwelcoming one just because he or she is different in looks, behavior and style. 

Last month, after my unusual rather heavy exercise, with sweat and thirst I barged into my frequented shop and grasped the drink. While I was quenching my thirst, I happened to look out. Then there were four Big eyes satiating along with me a few metres away. There was no ending sign nor of shame and discomfort on their staring. The eyes were huge and round ones. They were middle-aged men. Finally, I did my nurse satisfactorily. They were still there. Not moving. I don’t understand them. 

This year during the first quarter, I went to buy sandals. There happened, one young man was staring at me with a smile on his face. I walked across the road and came to sandals shop. From behind someone hugged me. In my mind, I was like – “what the hell is this.” Turned around and made a stern look to that man. I entered the shop and asked for the sandals. The shopkeeper called out to someone. Then there he came in, smiling, touched my palm. “what’s this?” – I bursted out. After which I left the shop never to be returned. 

The other night, when my friend and I were returning from cooker repair shop, I happened to bump into one locality who I know. He was with his female friend. Upon seeing me talking to him, she said “Oh my god,” the phrase I hardly use. She exaggerated at that moment, I know. My friend uttered, “you are an alien to these people.”

Mr. Shopkeeper and I have the habit of negotiations. One afternoon, as I was buying the noodles and the shopkeeper was poking fun at me. A young guy, he had taken his stuff already, but he remained there standing and gazing at me, protruding and twisting his head to have a closer look at my face. We were just an arm’s distance. He was there until I was done with the shopkeeper. I wonder what could be the probable reason behind this bin. 

Whenever you go to public places, if you are to be caught up by this situation often, what would you feel? Thankfully, I am not that tizzy to handle this situation. But that said, over gazing is not appropriate and not a good one to continue.

Guessing Power

This is the indirect statement to those whose guessing power is way more influential than the factual facts. 

Has anyone in your lifetime ever guessed right your age just by looking and observing at physical attributes? 

That’s insanely true to say yes. We have an inherent trait of passing a quick judgement on almost everything that comes before us. That quickie judgement doesn’t induce us the true physical realities. But yes, we love this guessing power to preoccupy our mind time after time, to wander us to the land of an infinite intolerant ignorance. 

Guessing! We use this often in our everyday life and it has been part of our life since time immemorial. It sets us up to the point of believing that our earth is flat and not geoid. Even in this high-end technology driven society, guessing still has its part to play with. But it also has its own vulnerability as it fails to confine to the true methodological formulations of facts and data. 

It doesn’t build up the well structured, reliable source that can emit cause and effect reality. 

Our guessing cannot control our natural forces, as it is also true to the scientific engineered power. It can’t be neccessarily inculcated in growing mind. As it has a higher chance of getting driven away by its own delusion. It is for the subtleness that we used to speed our demanding situations. Yes, it works. But not all the time. 

But there is something that we often hear of. The intelligent guessing. However, how do we know that our guess is intelligent? It has something to do with stored information or one’s own experiences. The more we ventured, the higher the probability comes. One’s smartness doesn’t simply come from the well endowed blessing. Relatively not. But it is more about trial & error that land one up to the level of smartness or intelligence. Comparatively, smart guessing works well in certain areas at certain times to its own risk of failing the expected outcome. 

Then here comes the question of adoption and its practicability. Well, it rests upon our own personal choice. The more rational you are and empirical oriented, the lesser you will en route into this plain blindness. Some, despite the fact of being scientifically highly equipped, even if they engage in this affair of unreasonability time after time. So nobody is free from this unscientific methodology that we use often and to leave it completely is losing some parts of ourselves. 

Guessing has been a part of man and as long as the man is living, it will have its part within himself. For no matter what the circumstances and advancement that we make, guessing is possibly inseparable, as it is one of the founding principles of man’s questioning and the scientific world.